The Weird Story of the $300,000 Rolls-Royce

The Weird Story of the $300,000 Rolls-Royce

At the 2018 Trader & Investor Summit in Orlando, I unveiled my (at the time) new Rolls-Royce Wraith. It was the latest addition to my collection and I wanted to share it with TI Summit attendees. (Many of whom are my students.)

When I show off exotic cars there’s a reason. Keep reading. It’ll be clear and hopefully inspiring.

But first, I want to explain what made me buy a Rolls-Royce.

Obviously, it’s a different style of car than my Lamborghini Gallardo or McLaren 650S. It’s not as flashy as my Ferrari. It’s actually my least favorite car in my collection. It reminds me of a hearse.

So why buy a Rolls-Royce?

Supercars Have Small Trunks

Can you imagine grocery shopping in a Lamborghini? My car might be the coolest in the parking lot but it doesn’t hold much in the way of groceries.

For those of you who like speed and power… don’t worry, the Wraith has a turbocharged V12. Not that I like driving fast — and it’s not going to win a race against my other cars. But the power is there if I need it.

The Power of Teamwork

This might sound crazy but the reason I bought the Rolls-Royce has to do with teamwork…

Team Karmagawa

I’m so proud of the team at Karmagawa.

Our mission is to change the world of charity. And not only donations. We want to change the perception of charity. There are many ways to help others around you — if you start thinking about it.

Even if you don’t have much money to give you can help others. You can start with a simple act of kindness. Like helping someone cross the street or giving canned food to those in need.

The whole concept of Karmagawa is to create your destiny through giving. The more good deeds you do, the more positive your destiny. Which is why we work so hard to spread the message of great charities and their causes.

Team Students and StocksToTrade

My goal as a teacher is to create more self-sufficient traders.

Yes, I want more top students. But it’s much more important to teach self-sufficiency. Every self-sufficient student is in a position to make powerful decisions.

StocksToTrade (the best stock screener designed to help you find potential trades) is an important resource for traders.

I get asked again and again how I found a specific stock. Designed with my top scans built in, the answer is nearly always STT. I use it every day.

Like Karmagawa it takes a team – myself, my students, software, coders, etc. – to keep these up and running and making a difference.

Which leads me to the reason for buying the Rolls…

Grocery Runs for My Teams

I started meeting with my student (including StocksToTrade experts) and Karmagawa teams in Miami. They can put away huge amounts of food! So, when they were hungry…

…it presented quite a dilemma.

How do you feed that many hungry mouths and honor everyone’s dietary choices at the same time? And, how do you fit all those groceries in the trunk of the McLaren or the Lambo?

It wasn’t happening.

When you have monetary freedom — like I’ve worked hard to create — it gives you options.

I decided to buy a Rolls-Royce Wraith for my grocery runs. Now I feed the teams and we get on with doing what we do best: changing the world.

But there’s another reason for my cars and for showing them off. It’s not to stroke my own ego. I have haters out there who say and write stupid stuff about my cars and my lifestyle. Haters gonna hate, right?

I shared a tweet a while back, showing the Lamborghini, the Aston Martin, and the Ferrari with the caption: “Imagine waking up to this driveway… which car would you choose?”

Some idiot suggested the cars are rentals. Like I rented them to take the picture and share on social media. As if.

I don’t need to rent the cars when I can pay cash for them.

But I do need to get your attention. We live in an amazing time in history. Opportunity is everywhere.

Unfortunately, that means a lot of scammers are out there using the same tools as legit teachers. And some of them rent cars to make themselves look better. Losers. Ask them to share all their trades publicly.

If I only showed up on the internet with my desire to teach you to trade, a whole lot of people wouldn’t pay attention. Especially if I was driving around in a Chevy Spark. Nothing wrong with a car like that if it’s what you want. But nobody would pay attention.

So, when I started this journey of teaching and giving to charity I had to ask myself this question…

How Can I Get Your Attention?


Private jets.

Videos from the first-class cabin on an airplane. Pictures in infinity pools in exotic locations…

…yeah, all the material stuff that makes me look like I’m showing off…

…that’s exactly what it’s meant to look like.

Why? Because to get students to take action they have to be inspired.

I want you to get EXCITED about a lifestyle beyond where you are right now. That’s why I make videos like this. (And it doesn’t diminish the power of the trading lesson.)

I’m not knocking it. I enjoy driving my exotic cars. Flying first class is wonderful. Hanging out poolside in exotic locations is awesome. Traveling to new countries and eating at some of the world’s top restaurants is incredible. And many of the places I travel to are for charity anyway, so it’s a huge bonus.

Give ‘em What They Want so They Want What You Offer

I wanted to be rich from the time I was a young boy. And when I managed to become a millionaire while still in college I thought I’d made it. So, I did what a lot of young and rich do: I spent money. I rented a ridiculously priced penthouse apartment in Madrid, Spain.

I bought cars and traveled. I sat courtside at basketball games and had luxury suites for football and hockey games. I bought clothes and jewelry, chartered private yachts, and tried to buy happiness.

It didn’t work. None of that brought happiness.

The biggest rush came when I was able to help others. Whether it be teaching traders or giving to charity… I get the most from giving. So why keep showing off? Why ask my parents to drive the Rolls-Royce up to Orlando last fall?

Sharing my material wealth is about one thing…

Your Inspiration Is What Matters

I’ve said it before in videos and in past issues: Money won’t make you happy.

But it can give you freedom. And that’s what I want for you. Freedom. The freedom to live the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. Freedom is what I offer. But I can’t just give it to you — you have to work for it. It won’t be easy.

So, I want you to get inspired. Take a look at the pictures of the Rolls in this post. Imagine what it’s like to drive it. Because it’s awesome. The stereo has 18 speakers… and it’s designed to adjust to noises outside the car.

Imagine that. It’s the perfect car stereo wrapped up in the smoothest drive of your life.

I hope you find inspiration in both charity and a great lifestyle. I’m not saying you should go out and buy a supercar or a Rolls-Royce. If that’s your dream, fine.

But figure out what does inspire you. Define your dream lifestyle. Decide now how you want to give back once you’re free.

Whatever drives you — whatever inspires you — that’s what you need to focus on. There’s no magic button for getting rich.

Keep a vision of what inspires you top of mind. Every day. Use it to motivate you to get to work. Use it for inspiration when it’s time to study and you’d rather take a day off. No days off. Once you’re there — then you can take a day off.

I can tell you from experience, giving back is the best feeling.

Grocery shopping in a Rolls-Royce isn’t so bad, either.

Especially when it brings a smile to the faces of my hard-working teams. Because all their hard work is about serving others. Dream a big dream.

Now get to work.


— Tim Sykes
Editor, Penny Stock Millionaires

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