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Good Versus Evil: Machine Learning…

Last week, I sounded the alarm bells on “machine learning” and “neural networks.”

These are two of the fastest evolving niches of technology.

Yet they’re already being used for nefarious purposes, which begs the question…

“What happens when technology moves faster than our moral ability to use it?”

Bad things, typically!

Yet any astute investor must also know where his/her bread gets buttered.

My butter is technology.

Nothing can accelerate your wealth like new technology (think Bitcoin and blockchain).

So despite early exploitations of the science — machine learning and neural networks cannot be ignored.

Heck, just last week, a new planet called “Kepler-90” was discovered 2,545 light-years from Earth.

But the discovery wasn’t made by humans, mind you…

A computer gets the credit here — one that “taught” itself to hunt the galaxy for planets.

How? By learning to distinguish between light changes when objects pass in front of stars.

“The neural network learned to identify these [planets] by using signals that had been vetted and confirmed in Kepler’s planet catalog. 96% of the time, it was accurate.” — CNN

Although Safeguard Scientifics (SFE) is my preferred route to profits in this lucrative niche…

One would be crazy not to first consider cryptocurrencies.

Cryptos aren’t a passing fad, folks.

Want proof? Click here.


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