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Scary New “Hack” Targets Your Face

Could an alternate reality exist in which you’re a famous porn star?

To most, the thought alone sends shivers down the spine.

Yet technology is turning this nightmare into reality.

Machine-learning algorithms are the culprit here.

These “algos” are cleverly downloading faces from social media pages like Facebook…

And then uploading the faces onto existing porn videos. Eek!

Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot is among the early victims.

“It’s not going to fool anyone who looks closely. Sometimes the face doesn’t track correctly and there’s an uncanny valley effect at play, but at a glance it seems believable.” — Vice News

Yet the science will improve, which means more nefarious uses are coming.

Imagine a bogus video hits the internet — a video in which you’re the unwitting star — and it links to all of your social media content, pictures, musings, etc.

Try explaining that to future employers.

Worse yet, good luck removing the video from the web!

This is the latest example of technology moving faster than our moral ability to use it.

Bitcoin is another great example, as it remains a fantastic transactional currency for illicit goods.

Fortunately, bitcoin is doing far more good than evil.

I can only hope the same will be said for machine learning.

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