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100 Trillion Reasons to Be Nervous About Stocks

Forget dwindling… the middle ground simply doesn’t exist on Wall Street anymore.

On one side, the unabashed bulls stand confident in the status quo of low volatility and higher prices from here.

So much so that one mystery trader just rolled over a massive volatility bet that could pay out $260 million if he’s right again.

Can you blame him? He’s got seven-plus years of the bull trend on his side.

Well, none of that means squat if you’re Goldman Sachs.

Wall Street’s top bank is firmly in the bear camp and thinks the aggressive trend trader is an idiot.

Emboldened by the unthinkable reality that the global market cap is about to top $100 trillion, Goldman predicts that the “bull market in everything” is about to end.

As I said, there’s no middle ground. So where do you stand?

Before you decide, let’s go to the charts!

We’ve long held to the belief here that a picture can be worth a thousand words (and dollars).

And as the intense battle between bulls and bears rages on, Bloomberg has identified 12 timely charts covering everything from interest rates and corporate sales growth… to e-commerce billionaires and Bitcoin bubbles.

Check out this “must-see” market perspective before you make a single portfolio change as we flip the calendar to a new year.

Click here for 12 “must-see” investment charts.


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