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All Hail President Twump

So President Trump is a human billboard for Twitter, right?

Wait! Perhaps he’s a public relations nightmare for the notorious social media giant.

Let’s see what the data says.

Twitter shares are crushing the S&P 500 by 10% so far this year.

Such a performance isn’t anything to sneeze at.

So let’s dive deeper…

Most of the upward price action just hit, stemming from an “earnings beat” in the latest quarter by 22%.

Again, it’s hard to knock a company expanding its earnings base.

Deeper we go…

Twitter’s active monthly users increased, too — albeit modestly.

Down further…

Revenue decreased, meaning the profit boost is mostly the result of cost-cutting measures.

Still, deeper…

Twitter cut its research and development (R&D) spending, likely in an effort to pad its bottom line. Slashing R&D can’t be good for a pseudo-technology company. Eek.

I’m ready to conclude that President Trump is having no positive effect on Twitter’s business.

In fact, Twitter’s “big move” is likely a mirage — the effect of short-sellers closing their positions.

Some analysts are even calling Twitter a “zombie” stock.

For Twitter’s full price forecast, click here.


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