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Winter is Coming for the Market’s Hottest Trade

It’s a tough time to be a short seller in today’s stock market.

Stocks only go up, right?

At least that’s what the market is telling us…

The S&P 500 has more than tripled since the start of the bull market.

And in the last year, the VIX index – which measures stock market volatility – has dropped to a 23-year low.

In fact, shorting volatility has quietly become one of the market’s hottest trades.

Since February 2016, XIV – the most popular short VIX exchange-traded fund – has gained 675%.

VXX – the world’s largest long VIX fund – has tumbled more than 90% over the same period.
But here’s the thing…

The party may be coming to a swift end.

Brokers have stopped blindly taking investors’ money and forced them to post enormous margins to short the VIX.

That’s a bad sign for VIX short sellers.

If you hold any of these ETFs in your portfolio, the time to worry is now.

Click here for the whole story – before it’s too late.


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