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Protect Your Stock Gains Against Tax Bill Flop

As you know, the Wall Street Daily team is incredibly bullish on the market.

And we’re not the only ones…

The most recent American Association of Individual Investors Sentiment Survey showed a 5.4% spike in bullish sentiment to 45.1%.

That’s a nine-month high!

Despite the length of the bull market, though, there’s plenty left in the tank…

Corporate earnings growth remains strong.

Interest rates will stay low in 2018.

And the passage of the Republican-backed tax reform bill will unlock untold profits for investors.

Wall Street is already pricing in victory here…

Last week, Goldman Sachs political economist Alec Phillips put the odds of the bill’s passage at 80%.

But if the bill doesn’t pass, a short-term selloff could be the cards.

Fortunately, downside protection against the bill’s failure is cheaper than ever.

Here’s how you can play it.


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