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Brand-New App “Sounds Like Hell”

Please add a new word to your vocabulary.

This is something you should do ASAP, too.

Ready? The word is…


Investopedia defines frictionless as…

“A theoretical trading environment where all costs and restraints associated with transactions are non-existent.”— Investopedia

Eek. Allow me to dumb it down…

A “Frictionless Economy” fosters free transactions that require virtually no effort.

The perfect example of frictionless is Amazon Go.

Amazon Go automates the entire grocery store experience.

With the app on your smartphone, you 1) walk in, 2) load up your cart, and 3) walk out.

Your account is instantly charged when you exit.

No lines. No rude cashiers. No pointless banter with other shoppers. (Want proof? Click here.)

Welcome to the Frictionless Economy — easily, the most compelling investment force over the
next five years.

But why did Vice just liken the Frictionless Economy to hell on earth?

Click here to find out.


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