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Facebook’s Toxic Stew gets Even Nastier

No one can dispute the popularity of social media. According to the latest data, 80% of American adults are on Facebook, and the needle continues to push north.

I predict we’ll reach 95% penetration within 10 years, as baby boomers — notoriously slow to adapt technology — slowly fade from existence.

Among the many derivatives of social media, of course, is wealth creation.

Case in point: The Global X Social Media ETF (SOCL) has doubled in price since its introduction in 2011.

But do attractive ROIs justify the means?

No way!

Facebook’s founding President, Sean Parker, just made a confession of sorts.

According to Parker, he and Mark Zuckerberg knew — from the very beginning — that Facebook preyed upon a weakness in the human brain.

The weakness? We seek other people’s validation.

Our fiendish creation has “unintended consequences,” said Parker.

So what’s in Facebook’s toxic stew?

And why is Parker downright scared for our children?

Click here to find out.


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