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[Chart] Tesla’s Insane Spending Spree

In roughly 48 hours, I’ll reveal a chart that could put at least $100,048 into your pocket.

My “Big Reveal” happens on Thursday at 1PM EST.

The epicenter of my exclusive event is an absolutely mind-bending chart.

To see the chart, and participate in the event, click here.

Thursday’s chart promises to be even crazier than the one below, courtesy of Tesla.

Tesla is on a historical spending spree. See for yourself…

When Charts Go Insane...

Congratulations to Elon Musk. He wins today’s most insane chart!

Obviously, Tesla will need a cash infusion to continue its R&D binge.

As always, insiders who’ve been following Tesla’s cash trail have enjoyed huge chances to profit.

Have I not been telling you for days?

When charts (like the one above) go insane, profit opportunities abound!

With that in mind, please circle Thursday at 1PM on your calendar.

To partake in Thursday’s event, click here.

In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at what to expect…

My Solemn Promise…

During Thursday’s event, I’ll be making a huge promise to you. Something I’ve never done before. Something I may never do again…

Here it is…

ANYONE who follows my chartbreaking strategy will see how to make $100,048, or more, in the next year.

To show how serious I am, I’ve even had this sworn statement notarized by the state of Maryland.

Why make this bold promise now, after more than a decade in the financial publishing industry?

Well, I know this promise is easy enough for me to deliver. And could have a huge impact on your financial future.

See, according to my historical back test, my chartbreaking strategy could’ve already led you to collect more than TWICE that amount, from just three stocks…

In just 24 trading hours.

There was the 566% winner on Questar Assessment Inc. (QUSA)…

Which literally sent the stock  up so fast it “broke” its chart, as you see here. It could’ve almost instantly turned every $10,000 invested into $66,600.


There was the 644% gainer on Kahala Brands (KAHL), which, again, sent the stock up so fast the chart broke.


And could’ve grown your money from $10,000… to $74,400.

Then there was the 874% on Catalyst Paper Corp. (CYT). That chartbreaker could’ve handed you a whopping $87,400 profit from a simple $10,000 investment.


Had you simply put $10,000 in each of these rare investments, you could’ve walked away $208,400 richer.

That’s more than TWICE what I’ve sworn to show you how to make.

And here’s the thing…

If you should see even a PENNY short of that $100,048 I’m promising, I’m going to OWE YOU something extremely valuable — under penalty of my publisher and in the eyes of the state of Maryland.

We’re expecting thousands and thousands of readers to show up for the 1pm broadcast.

To ensure that you’re on the email list to receive a timely reminder, click here now.

Ahead of the tape,

Louis Basenese
Chief Investment Strategist, Wall Street Daily

P.S. Here’s a “behind-the-scenes” picture of us walking through the content of Thursday’s event. We’ve spent a fortune on the production crew. The cameras are rolling. The lights are hot.  We’re excited. See you Thursday at 10am! I can’t wait to see how this strategy could change your future. Click here for more information.

Bob and Lou