Equifax’s Fate is Sealed

Last week we urged you to take immediate action in the wake of the massive Equifax Inc. (EFX) hack.

The breach of the credit-data giant’s systems compromised 143 million Americans.

That’s nearly half the US population.

In the last week, the company’s stock has plummeted more than 30%, shaving more than $5 billion off its market cap.

And it gets crazier…

The volume on Equifax put option contracts just exploded.

As you can see below, the chart has gone absolutely insane!

chart: Equifax Sees Surge in Bearish Bets

With daily volume of 30,000, Equifax put options contracts are trading at nearly five times pre-hack levels. And most of the volume is coming from options buyers (not sellers).

Buyers of put options are making a strategic bet that Equifax has further to fall.

Boy, when charts go insane — like Equifax’s just did — the insanity always brings forth an opportunity to profit.

If you read yesterday’s Wall Street Daily,  you know I like to call these anomalies “chartbreakers.”

And profits from these events oftentimes come hard and fast.

But if my “chartbreaker profits strategy” is so amazing…why on earth would I share it with you? Why not just keep it for myself and make all the money?

Here’s the thing…

Anatomy of a Broken Chart

As a former insider, I’m well versed in the idea that Wall Street preaches “hold and hope” as the best way to make money.

But the fact is, it’s just not true…

In the last 90 days alone you could’ve had TWENTY-FOUR chances to pocket 100%+ gains like…

chart: 24 chances for big gains in the last 90 days

Yet “hold and hope” investors would’ve missed the opportunity to cash out on each and every one of those gains.

Working inside the Wall Street machine for 13 years, I’ve seen countless examples of the elites pocketing staggering stock gains quickly… ignoring this “hold and hope” philosophy altogether.

…Especially when it comes to chartbreakers.

If you look closely enough, you can even see PROOF of their existence in the market data.

I mean, does this stock chart for Questar (QUSA) look “normal” to you?

chart: Questar Assessment

I assure you it’s not normal…

It’s incredible.

See that huge gap in the middle?

The stock chart literally couldn’t keep up with the gains that this stock produced.

And it BROKE… unleashing a 566% winner… in just 24 HOURS.

That’s without options.

Without any kind of leverage.

Without having to create any new approvals in your trading account.

And without having to trade anything super risky or confusing.

All from pure-cut regular stocks.

Of course, while gains like these do not come around every day…

The fact is, until now, these rapid-fire stock windfalls have largely been reserved for Wall Street’s super elite.

Although Wall Street will NEVER admit it, there’s a whole lot of money out there for regular Americans who don’t want to “hold and hope” for years at a time…

And my “chartbreaking” strategy can help you find it.

What Are These Chartbreakers Exactly?

There’s only one force in the market that’s capable of doing this…

That is, to send a stock soaring so high… so fast… that it actually breaks its chart…

And in the process, unleashes up to 1,000% windfalls in as little as 24 trading hours.

Let me show you how this all works with an example involving Straight Path Communications…

Straight Path’s Spectrum technology is poised to replace America’s decrepit internet and phone system with an all-wireless upgrade.

Making the switch could solve countless problems for the big telecoms.

For starters, it would erase the costs of maintaining thousands of miles of phone lines and internet cables.

And it would allow them to essentially run a brand-new cable directly to subscribers’ houses… instantly.

Of course this could translate into billions of dollars in extra revenue with the telecoms…

Which is exactly why AT&T recently asked to meet with executives from Straight Path.

The idea was pretty simple.

AT&T was so impressed with the disruptive nature of Straight Path’s technology… it didn’t just want to be a customer.

It wanted to be an OWNER.

In fact, it wanted to buy the entire company in one massive transaction.

That means AT&T wanted to take over Straight Path.

Now, before this takeover announcement hit the airwaves…

Straight Path was trading for just $36.48 per share.

But AT&T offered to buyout the company for $95.63 per share…

Now, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what happens when a $36 stock gets a buyout offer for $95 a share, right?

When the takeover news hit, the chart broke to the upside.

And shares of Straight Path…

Took a straight path all the way up to $91.32.

The gain hit so fast, it broke the line on the chart.

If you’d have blinked, you’d have missed the shares soaring.

Here’s the chart so you can see what’s happening…

chart: Straight Path

You’ll see where the stock was before the announcement…

And you’ll see how the stock “gapped higher” after the announcement.

In this case you could have scored 150% in just 24 trading hours.

All you have to do is get in before the takeover news.

Watch the chart BREAK to the upside.

Get out.

And collect your profits.

That’s why I call these things… “chartbreakers.”

The takeover news hits…

And sends the shares soaring so fast, the chart breaks!

And remember, going back over the past decade…

There are 376 takeovers, on average, each and every year in the markets.

That’s 376 different opportunities to watch stocks literally go from $5 or $10…

To $20… $30… even $100 overnight as the takeover news breaks.

Like these three recent market examples which all hit since January…

First up is Questar Assessment (QUSA)…

chart: Questar Assessment

After the company revealed it was being bought out by Educational Testing Service on January 5…

Shares of QUSA rocketed up 566%

Enough to grow your money from $10,000 to $66,600… in just 24 trading hours.

There was Pyng Medical (PYT)…

chart: Pyng Medical

On February 3, PYT revealed it had been bought out by a company called Teleflex.

The announcement sent shares of PYT soaring 375% higher…

Turning every $10,000 invested into $47,500… within 24 trading hours.

Just over two months later, the same thing happened to Mood Media Corp. (MM).

Sending shares of MM up 166%.

chart: Mood Media Corp.

That’s THREE explosive takeovers that hit since January…

THREE chartbreaker opportunities just months apart…

THREE chances to collect HUGE triple-digit windfalls after just 24 trading hours.

So does that mean you should go out and buy every potential takeover candidate you see?

The short answer is — NO!

Tomorrow I’ll show you why…

Ahead of the tape,

Louis Basenese
Chief Investment Strategist, Wall Street Daily

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