Schizophrenic Investing: The 6 Personality Types of Investors

Louis Basenese

Having met so many investors around the world, I’ve got some pretty cool insights.

Among my best insights is being able to gauge personality types.

Most folks will predictably fall into one of six personality classifications — from an investment perspective, that is.

I’ve only seen dual personalities a handful of times.

So today, I’d like to introduce you, well… to YOU!

This isn’t just a fun exercise, though.

Knowing your “type” can be a difference-maker.

As you’re about to witness…

There are specific investment strategies that can wonderfully capture your soul!

Odds are you’re missing out on a vast array of moneymaking opportunities.

Fear not!

This article can singlehandedly double your ROI inside of 30 days.

Personality Type: “The Mastermind.”

The Mastermind understands that Wall Street plays with a loaded deck.

Consider the following…

While Main Street patsies have earned 10% on the benchmark indexes this year — Wall Street is enjoying individual rides on companies like PolarityTE Inc. (+537%), Straight Path Communications (+428%) and Pulse Biosciences (+322%).

The Mastermind knows this and therefore demands the same.

Microcaps in the developmental stage of growth — ones with incredibly innovative patents — are ideal for the Mastermind.

For the record, I identify as a Mastermind.

Personality Type: “The Field Marshal.”

With CDs and money-market accounts paying virtually nothing, the Field Marshal seeks alternative income strategies to compound his/her wealth.

The Field Marshal is commonly burdened with mortgages, college tuitions and car payments, so he/she is highly tactical when deploying capital and won’t tolerate undue risk.

Covered calls are perfectly suited for the Field Marshal.

Personality Type: “The Champion.”

The Champion must win at everything.

When it comes to investing, “winning” means lightning-quick gains, hypershort holding periods and high success rates. Therefore, the Champion rejects any notion of buy-and-hold investing.

For example, the hyperaggressive overnight potential of, say… a company announcing a buyout will instantly spark gains as high as 200%.

Such “nuclear” opportunities is exactly what the Champion desires.

Personality Type: “The Benefactor.”

More than any other personality type, the Benefactor wants to feel powerful. And nothing feeds the Benefactor’s thirst for power like consistently outsmarting the financial markets.

Put-selling strategies, where win rates run as high as 95%, perfectly suit the Benefactor’s mindset.

Such a strategy means pocketing someone else’s hard-earned money, and that makes Benefactors feel dominant.

Personality Type: “The Architect.”

Form and function are valued above all else for the Architect.

The structural beauty of a trade that routinely 1) limits upfront capital, 2) provides downside protection and 3) shrinks holding periods is irresistible for the Architect.

Such qualities make bull spreads the ideal strategy for the Architect. That is because bull spreads allow investors to enjoy a 10–20% safety net beneath their trades, while also accelerating gains.

Personality Type: “The Time Traveler.”

The Time Traveler is the most popular personality type among my readers.

Time Travelers are behind on their retirement, and they desperately need a lifeline.

By “cheating time,” so to speak — like buying shares of Amazon at 1997 prices — their financial woes are instantly resolved. Therefore, the Time Traveler loves buying call options on blue chip stocks.

Heck, a solid call-buying strategy can save even the worst retirement plan. And I’ve seen some bad ones!

So what makes you tick?

The answer to that simple question will help you deploy capital in an effective manner.

I hope this was a useful exercise.

Ahead of the tape,

Louis Basenese
Chief Investment Strategist, Wall Street Daily

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