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The Pope’s “Disgraceful” Wrath Against Trump

  • Pope Francis blocked the media from his recent meeting.
  • The private meeting could have global consequences.
  • My exclusive webcast addresses the Pope’s cryptic meeting.
  • But today is your final chance to view it.

Pope Francis recently held a very private meeting deep inside of Vatican City.

The Pope’s meeting lasted for 27 minutes, and the press was intentionally locked out.

As to the nature of this highly secretive meeting, we can only speculate.

But I adamantly believe that the Pope’s private chat will have profound global consequences.

So please be on the highest alert.

In the coming days, the death of Brexit could plunge Europe into chaos.

My exclusive webcast reveals everything, including…

>> The Pope’s private meeting with Britain’s top brass.

>> A financial “Fault Line” — potentially worth billions — ready to crack open on June 8.

>> The revelation of a 24-hour moneymaking opportunity with up to 1,000% upside.

After viewing my webcast, I can promise you the following…

You’ll never look at major geopolitical events the same way again.

But I’m pulling my webcast offline tonight at midnight.

So today is your last chance to view it.

Keep in mind…

When I yank the webcast offline, your shot at a 1,000% moneymaker also vanishes.

When Popes Attack, Watch Out…

Pope Francis has shown that he isn’t afraid to challenge the politics of sovereign nations.

Heck, the Pope has already directly challenged President Trump, saying…

“A person who thinks only about building walls — wherever they may be — and not building bridges, is not Christian.” — Pope Francis

Mr. Trump quickly declared the Pope’s comments as “disgraceful.”

For the record, it’s not unusual for a modern Pope to go on the offensive.

Flashpoint, the Philippines: In 1981, Pope John Paul II challenged President Ferdinand Marcos on human rights abuses.

Flashpoint, Nicaragua: In 1985, Pope John Paul II publicly reprimanded the head of the Sandinista government.

Flashpoint, Chile: In 1987, Pope John Paul II openly condemned Chilean President Augusto Pinochet’s human rights abuses.

Flashpoint, Washington D.C.: In 1994, Pope John Paul II attacked President Bill Clinton’s pro-choice agenda.

Flashpoint, Turkey: In 2005, Pope Benedict XVI said that Turkey’s entrance into the EU should be contingent upon the right to religious freedom.

Again, I’m confident that I know what Pope Francis’ recent private meeting was about.

I also believe that the meeting will send financial shockwaves across the West.

The key date to watch is June 8 — the day of Britain’s Snap Election.

Since Snap Elections are so rare, overnight gains up to 1,000% are in play.

But you must take action before midnight tonight.

Ahead of the tape,

Louis Basenese
Chief Investment Strategist, Wall Street Daily