Hell Freezes Over…

Yesterday, I released my exclusive webcast concerning a major geopolitical event on June 8, 2017.

This geopolitical event — Britain’s Snap Election — is set to trigger one of two potential outcomes.

Outcome #1 sends a major global index rocketing higher.

Outcome #2 crashes-to-earth the same global index.

Now, imagine striking it rich regardless of which outcome occurs.

Win both ways? When hell freezes over, right?

But let me explain…

My brand-new webcast makes such a reality possible.

I just revealed an ingenious strategy that I call “Churchill’s Ladder.”

Churchill’s Ladder extends in both directions (up and down).

So please have a pen and paper handy!

During the webcast, you’ll learn exactly how to play BOTH SIDES of any geopolitical event.

With Churchill’s Ladder, you simply wait for Britain’s election results to hit….

Then you log on to your trading account…

Lastly, you check the account balance to see if Churchill’s Ladder lived up to your grandest moneymaking expectations.

I’m projecting overnight gains up to 1,000% on Britain’s Snap Election.

Evidence of Churchill’s Ladder…

Remember the Federal Reserve’s interest rate-hike on December 16, 2015?

The rate-hike was the first in nearly 10 years.

As the Fed’s announcement approached, the market waited with bated breath.

Only two possible outcomes existed…

Outcome #1 — The Fed raises rates.

Outcome #2 — The Fed holds rates steady.

But with Churchill’s Ladder, who cares!

Churchill’s Ladder extends in both directions — rate-hike or no rate-hike.

The strategy proved highly effective.

Gains of 436% were in play from the moment Chairman Yellen took the podium.

Britain’s Snap Election is eerily similar.

Official election results could rupture a “Financial Fault Line” that runs from London… to Paris… to Wall Street.

I’m warning readers not to take this event lightly…

It could create the biggest one-day windfall of your lifetime.

My webcast is 100% free for everyone to access.

To view my exclusive webcast, click here.

Ahead of the tape,

Louis Basenese
Chief Investment Strategist, Wall Street Daily

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