3 Innovation Trends You Can’t Ignore

Innovation never disappoints.

That was the battle cry upon which I started at Wall Street Daily 10 years ago at the top of the oil boom.

And straight through the Financial Crisis, the euro meltdown, Brexit into the prevailing bull market, the relentless pursuit of innovation remains our core mission.

I’m especially bullish on three specific industries at the moment.

Innovation Is Extra Hot Here…

The Virtual and Augmented Reality Boom. The second I put on Facebook’s Oculus Rift headset, I knew that the world would radically change to adopt the technology. Yes, it’s that innovative.

Although the Rift is enjoying a first-mover advantage, make no mistake… the world’s biggest technology players are planning an all-out assault on the market:

  • Apple spent millions to acquire the engineering team at Metaio — a software company known for having dozens of virtual and augmented reality patents. It also bought private firm PrimeSense, whose engineers are famous for their design of Microsoft Xbox’s motion sensors
  • Google is eyeing the low end of the headset market with its launch of Google Cardboard, which provides VR enthusiasts a head-mounted viewer for under $25
  • Disney and partners made a $65 million investment into virtual reality startup Jaunt, with the goal of bringing “live-action shows, movies and sports to the emerging medium,” according to the Los Angeles Times
  • Sony sold almost a million of its new VR headsets — just four months after they launched.

Stay tuned to Wall Street Daily for thorough coverage of the industry’s smallest innovators, where the real fortunes will be minted.

The End of the Antibiotic Era. The World Health Organization calls the rise of antibiotic-resistant infections “a problem so serious that it threatens the achievements of modern medicine.”

While it’s scary to even think about incurable infections, the rise of antimicrobial-resistant bacteria will force scientists to innovate.

Without medical innovation, transplant surgery will become difficult, if not impossible. Simple operations, such as a cyst removal, will be fraught with risk once again. The flu virus will wipe out the elderly, as will many other ailments associated with old age.

Fortunately, tiny innovators are already hard at work.

In fact, one microcap company has already created an antibody that mimics the defense proteins inherent in the human immune system. This antibody is a ruthless bacteria killer, and it’s virtually impossible for bacteria to ever develop resistances.

Wall Street Daily will track this lucrative race for new “super antibiotics” very closely.

The Robotics Revolution. Certain industries are breeding grounds for innovation, and manufacturing is chief among them.

By raising the minimum wage, the government is indirectly advocating automation in the labor force. Put simply, it’s increasingly cheaper for companies to use robots, rather than humans.

Take the auto industry, for instance. Robot density — a measure of the number of robots per 10,000 manufacturing workers — already tops 1,000 in the United States, Japan and Germany.

These figures are only rising, too. In fact, industry analysts predict that the global percent of tasks done by robots will rise from around 10% today (across all manufacturing industries) to around 25% by 2025.

Thanks to advances in technology, up to 85% of production tasks can now be automated. And according to a study by the Oxford Martin School, automation will erase 47% of all jobs in developed nations over the next 25 years!

All told, the global industrial robot market is worth nearly $11 billion today. And it’s expected to grow at an annual rate of at least 21% per year.

Rest assured, I’ll continue to document the rise of robots and help to identify the top innovators in which to invest.

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Ahead of the tape,

Louis Basenese
Chief Investment Strategist, Wall Street Daily

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