Friday Charts: Economic Sentiment Reaches Record High

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  1. Avery Putter says:


    I do share you optimism as well. I have been trading and brokering commodities since 1996. I once had a floor operation on the NYBOT before the trading pits closed in New York.

    I will never forget one lesson that always sticks with me. Fear and Greed. When everything is great, grandma is giving stock tips, and everyone is bullish the market YOU SELL! This time maybe not. Trumps infrastructure plan could give the market good footing as well as his tax plan. So maybe we ride the it up as long as we can.

    History does repeat itself. It’s not if but when will be the next major market correction.


  2. joe santana says:

    My problem is that Wall Street is no longer an objective organization. They are a mouthpiece for the Democratic Party. Therefore, untrustworthy.


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