Dangerous Gold ETF Lures Greedy Investors

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  1. David Henderson says:


    As the self-proclaimed “market’s foremost small-cap analyst” you certainly employ a lot of hyperbole and inappropriate language.

    As a combat veteran, aviator and commanding officer who served in the Gulf War, I am particularly sensitive to the use, by many writers, of the term “carnage.” I realize the terms “carnage” and “bloodbath,” which often relate to combat operations, have been employed by investors for decades, however, your perpetuation of these terms is unnecessary. I am not endeavoring to be PC, however, a paradigm shift appears to be in order. For instance, the word “carnage” is used to describe “the killing (slaughter) of a large number of people.” I know from personal experience the tragic loss of life inflicted by a bellicose enemy upon innocents. Therefore, these terms, best suited for other discussions, should, in my estimation, be retired from your lexicon.

    Your statements are indeed regrettable. Your wrote in your introductory essay that “The result, regrettably, is oftentimes fatal” and “I hope you’re not among the carnage.” The word “fatal” and, again, the use of the word “carnage” are truly disgraceful metaphors in the context of a loss of capital and convey an inappropriate image, especially for young readers.

    Losing money is not analogous to losing one’s life or the life of a fellow soldier, airman, marine or seaman. May I suggest employing more appropriate terms to describe red ink and the loss of principal.

    Lastly, a decrease from $1,258 to $1,225 is a 2.623% drop. How is that cratering?


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