Are We Headed for Another Ice Age?

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  1. JHBAR24 says:

    I have been hearing about Global Warming now for years, as have others.

    I still find it hard to believe THE GLOBAL WARMING idea, since we control so little of the Earth’s climate.

    When you consider the effects of the Little Ice Age, from about 1300AD to 1850AD, and how warm it was before then, common sense says this seems to be a normal set of cycles that are continuing to happen.

    I remember my grade school days, in the early 1950’s, and we had our little Readly Weeklers(Weekly Readers), telling us about a large CHUNK of ice breaking off from the Ross Ice Shelf. This chunk of ice was estimated to have a surface area larger than Rhode Island and Connecticut COMBINED. Chunks of ice have been breaking off the Antarctic Ice Shelf for YEARS. I see now we just hear more about them. Back in the 1950’s no one seemed to pay a whole of attention to it.

    A gentleman in the late nineteen TEENS, studying the Ice Ages, figured out these go in cycles. It has, according to this individual, concluded it has to do with the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. The Earth’s orbit becomes more CIRCULAR , for awhile, and then goes back to being more ELLIPTTICAL over time in CYCLES. When this happens, it effects the TILT OF THE EARTH’S AXIS. This means the sun will shine in different areas, and not in other areas where we would normally expect it too. One of the CYCLES is 24,000 years, and the other is 96,000 years. The 96,000 number corresponds roughly to about how long the Ice Ages lasted. The Geological Course I took years ago recognized 4 major Ice Ages in times past. The last one was named the Wisconsin.

    We do not have the ABILITY to change the Earth’s ELIPSE pattern. ALL THE KING’S HORESES AND ALL THE KING’S MEN CANNOT CHANGE IT. I cannot accept that our use of FOSSIL FUELS?? can have or will have any effect at all on the Earth’s Elliptical pattern.

    QUOTE “The overwhelming preponderance of Geological evidence indicates that coal, crude oil and petroleum natural gas have no intrinsic connection to biological actions occurring near the surface of the Earth. They are primordial materials which have welled up from great depths”. This was said by a Russian Petroleum Exploration Engineer in 1956.

    The German’s in World War II, used a series of Equations to create to create SYNTHETIC GAS AND DIESEL FUEL FROM COAL. Germany knew they would need diesel and gasoline to run a war effort. Since they did not have a reliable source of CRUDE OIL, THEY were able to use coal to create these fuels.

    The GERMAN formulas and equations are all based on the fact that coal, natural gas and crude oil are ABIOTIC in creation, not BIOGENIC. A company in South Africa is using these formulas to this very day, and these formulas were used during APARTHEID to get South Africa through the embargoes during APARTHEID.

    The US Government and the Russian Government got thousands of pages and quite a few micro films concerning Germany’s Synthetic fuels program. The major governments are aware of these formulas. Do not fall for the LIE, that our government is not aware. The US had PILOT plants doing this SYNTHETIC fuel project in Missouri and Brownsville, TX around 1960. Crude was cheap at this point, so the plants were quickly shut down.

    In grade school we were told Russia was oil poor. With the German information they had, they abandoned the fossil fuel idea and began using the ABIOTC theory. Some of the Russian oil wells are 40,00 plus feet deep. In 1950, Russia was still considered OIL poor, but by 1990 Russia was a major player in the OIL Export market. It appears, Saudi Arabia accepts the ABIOTIC theory of OIL creation too.



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