Why the Paris Climate Change Agreement Means Nothing

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  1. Bob Appleby says:

    Dear David,

    Stick to the stock market, your fawning over global warming… uhhh climate change… uhh man caused environmental damage… is based upon failed data…
    And your solutions… : solar and wind and homeowners going off the grid, REALLY ???
    I have suggestion for you, why don’t you go off the grid and save us all from having to read your weak pseudo scientific pap…

    The simple fact is that there have been at least 6 cycles that included global warming/ice age in the known geologic record. How many have been caused by man…??
    Exactly—- NONE..


  2. Bruce says:

    A new study by a prominent Russian astrophysicist claims the “new Little Ice Age” started at the end of 2015 due to low solar activity, kicking off decades of “deep cooling” in the latter half of the 21st Century.
    “As a result, the Earth has, and will continue to have, a negative average annual energy balance and a long-term adverse thermal condition,” Dr. Habibullo Abdussamatov, who is the head of space research for the Pulkovo Observatory at the Russian Academy of Sciences, wrote in a recent study.
    “The quasi-centennial epoch of the new Little Ice Age has started at the end 2015 after the maximum phase of solar cycle 24,” Abdussamatov wrote. “The start of a solar grand minimum is anticipated in solar cycle 27 in 2043 and the beginning of phase of deep cooling in the new Little Ice Age in 2060.”

    See also the work of Dr. Valentina Zharkova like:
    Is a mini ICE AGE on the way? Scientists warn the sun will ‘go to sleep’ in 2030 and could cause temperatures to plummet


  3. Peter L Ward says:

    Did you know that it has never been shown experimentally that increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases actually can explain observed global warming? Don’t you think that someone should do this basic experiment before we spend 5 to 7 trillion dollars a year to reduce greenhouse gases? I am offering $10,000 to the first person who can demonstrate experimentally that greenhouse gases actually could cause the global warming observed since 1970. WhyClimateChanges.com/challenge/


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