Project Blue: “The Holy Grail of Exoplanet Research”

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  1. Mark Goldes says:

    Dr. Robert L. Carroll spent his life developing what AESOP Institute calls Ultra Cold Disruption, an alternative to any form of fission or fusion. UCD is designed to enable a spacecraft to achieve a speed of 20 million times that of light.

    The seemingly impossible Carrollian Mechanics can soon be tested. A UCD reactor will be prototyped next year. If it functions as designed, a nanoscale spacecraft powered by UCD could be aimed at a star. If it returns with photographs consistent with the Hubble telescope, humanity will have exciting new options.

    For a great deal of additional information look under MORE at: for Dr. Robert Carroll. At that location, you can find a thin volume originally entitled by Carroll: ARCTURUS BY DAWN, which discussed his unorthodox physics without mathematics. The newly edited version is titled: PROXIMA


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