Why Hillary Clinton Will Be the Next U.S. President

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  1. Lynn Anderson says:

    Hope you’re wrong. Supporting a crooked liar is not going to happen unless, of course, everyone is nuts.


  2. SAN says:

    Thus, down goes America. She will ruin the country the rest of the way. WE NEED CHANGE, REAL CHANGE, NOT THE CURRENT ESTABLISHMENT. MAY GOD HELP US!!!


  3. rodny india says:

    i think Hillary is a better candidate. we experimented in India with a radicalist who is now PM Modi. i tell you life sucks. so i think america also should forgo the idea of voting for donald rump .


  4. Paul says:

    Hillary, the most corrupt and dishonest individual to have been selected as a presidential nominee. This woman wreaks of fraud and dishonesty. She is the epitome of what is wrong with our corrupt political system. This woman should be facing criminal charges, instead she’s running for the White House!


  5. Robert says:

    Trump is not a radical. He simply wants to put America first again and get back to basics. What other country doesn’t want to put their country first? Sure, he makes ill-advised statements that want me to scratch my head, but the core of his ideas are still solid:

    Lower taxes to bring businesses back. (We have the highest business taxes in the world. Why? How’s that working for us?)
    School choice so parents can choose where to send their kids. (Would any of you reading send your child to an inner city school?)
    Competition in health care. (Competition drives prices down.)
    Less regulations that are destructive to our businesses and competition abroad.
    Immigration, (hot topic of course). For every illegal immigrant in this country, (no matter how nice of a person they may be) that has a baby here, there is a financial cost we as citizens have to pick up. If we pay for school for one child at $12,000 annually, the family will have to spend over $130,000 in purchases each year to have enough sales tax to break even just for that one kid’s education. This does not include health care, housing, EBT, etc. Irregardless of how any of us FEEL about the position, the question is, how do we pay for it? You can not tax your way out of every financial cost.

    So which part above is Radical?


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