How to Play Small Caps and the Lithium Boom

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  1. Jens says:

    Take a look Pilbara Minerals listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. I think there is more upside here than say GXY.


  2. Raven Hall says:

    Re Galaxy Resources:

    FYI – not only has Mt Cattlin been back online for quite some time, all current offtake is already contracted to significant Asian customers and the most recent of company announcements has confirmed a doubling of throughput at the site.

    It’s also a guarantee to merge with General Mining in coming weeks – a company with which GXY has had a symbiotic relationship for quite some time (years) – a merge will turn them into one of the biggest lithium forces not just in Australia, but in the world.

    This merge will also help facilitate the development (cough, cough… awaiting announcements of loan securement) of GXY tenures at James Bay in Canada, and the jewel in the crown – Sal De Vida, Argentina…. right next door to SQM in the ‘lithium triangle’.

    But here’s the basics: currently producing, an exceptionally distinguished management team at the helm, and three significant lithium deposits at their disposal, and virtually debt free..

    I sound like a pumper, but reality is i’m a hard skeptic that lucked upon GXY since they were the lowliest of penny stocks… i’ve made a ton of coin already.

    I’m only commenting on this article as it seems the information on this particular company is at least 6 months out of date. In the world of trading, accurate information is king.


  3. Stock Shaman says:

    Thank you Tim Maverick, very informative update. I would lie to point out that in mining nothing comes easy….ever. Finding the resource in grades that warrant mine development, funding development, milling, processing, NIMBY’s and price of commodity/resource all huge challenges. Lithium from brines, in Nevada right now is the easiest path to success I have ever seen. Mining friendly State, no milling (I have lost count of how many mining ventures have failed due to mill build cost),no mining (you just pump up the water/brine and dry it out in the sun to make salt -extract lithium),demand growing prices stable and increasing. One to watch .Belmont Resources, is developing “the perfect lithium basin” 120 miles from Giga 1.


  4. Mark Cobham says:

    No mention of Bacanora or European Metals.


  5. The Dean says:

    Great advise to say “avoid the big 3”. Any serious lithium play investor needs to look for companies that are only lithium oriented be it rock or brine.


  6. Winston Smith says:

    Both Galaxy (GXY) and Pilbara Minerals (PLS) are poised for massive growth. GXY for the reasons outlined in the article, and PLS for the sheer size of is resource and economies of scale. As noted by Jens, PLS has massive upside (but I believe that GXY still has as well).

    Now, if you really want to catch the Lithium wave, check out Birimian (BGS). It is turning from explorer to producer, and has returned excellent results from its drilling campaign in Mali. It is shaping up to have excellent reserves, at a shallow depth. Another plus is that it has 400, 000 oz of shallow gold. Of course more risky than GXY or PLS, but potentially massive returns. Please, DYOR. Not advice- undertake your own due diligence.


  7. Kevin Bradley says:

    Please comment on Dajin, developing brine in Argentina


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