Brexit: What Next for Britain?

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  1. Greg says:

    I voted to come out of Europe, anything less would be a total betrayal of democratic principles. If the Remainers get their way, I would never vote in any election held in this country again as I believe the democratic consensus died the 23rd of June 2016.
    What I will then hope for is a total destruction of the EU by way of collapsing banks an economic chaos-that will rid of the EU shackles once and for all.


  2. William cox says:

    Excellent and well worded article that clearly outlined all the options.


  3. Larry Chambers says:

    It is sad that freedom of any measure is waning throughout the world. Peoples everywhere are being consumed by greed and politics.


  4. Donl says:

    To bad you lost Farage, he is a good man. I would say, stay out of the EU. DO NOT let the likes of Obama sway any of your decisions. Look at us here in the USA.


  5. Philip Bargioni says:

    The majority of the electorate voted for British sovereignty and that’s what they will get. People had had enough of others meddling in British internal affairs, which is why Brexit won the day. There is no reason why there should not be trade agreements with the EU but no more outside political influence in domestic affairs.

    As a kid growing up in London during the 50’s and 60’s, I saw firsthand many of the ww2 bomb sites which were the consequence of outside political intervention – We don’t want it and we don’t need it!


  6. Dennis R. Freeman says:

    I believe that it is impossible with the different languages, cultures and ideals of the Countries that belong to the EU, that a EU can exist. A Constitution that all member Nations must agree upon has to be adopted by all members and not a delegation of members to a board or governing body without the consent of all member Nations to agree upon. The rules governing the EU have to work in conjunction with the complex makeup of each Country. Not that some are treated differently than others. You cannot make the French people Germans, nor Spain Polish, etc. In order to maintain cultures, Borders must be recognized, if not there will be no Europe, the same as the Confederacy and Union during the Civil War in the United States. Without a cohesive central governing body that works equally with each Nation, it will not work to the benefit of all Nations equally.


  7. peter mcgrath says:

    good article! will the majority get what they voted for? or will the ruling, out of touch elite screw over the majority again? lets hope May sticks to her word. cheers, peter mcgrath


  8. Sylvia Allwood says:

    I was born and lived in Britain before Britain went into the European Common Market. We did very well much better when we did trade with our Commonwealth cousins. Soon after it went down hill especially re: immigration etc. Britain is not the same country, thankfully I got out! I thank God for people like Nigel Farage especially those who initiated the Brexit. It will take us 3 – 5 years but we will get back (Britain) on our feet again and be more prosperous. We will get back our borders again, plus doing Trade with the world and having our own Sovereigninity is very important as we are not told what to do by another entity, but we will do it from leaders within our own country!!!


  9. Michael Shrimpton says:

    Outstanding writing! As an intelligence specialist and political intelligence analyst advising fellow Brexiteers I agree with all of this. Happily moves are afoot to split the Tory Party and form a new Brexit political grouping, based around UKIP and Tory Brexiteers, a majority in the voluntary party, albeit a minority in Parliament. Up to 100 Tory MPs could desert May.

    Mrs May is believed to favour Norway-lite but will agree to maintain European Economic Area membership, which will involve uncontrolled migration, something she campaigned for on behalf of Remain.

    I knew Margaret Thatcher (I was Chairman of the Bruges Group when she was President). Theresa May is no Lady Thatcher. Ironically enough, the antics of her supporters have proved her point, that the Tory Party is the nasty party. It used not to be.


  10. Steve Terrell says:

    According to an interpretation of the Scriptures, the lion beast of Daniel 7:4 is the UK and cannot be a part of the 4th beast (the ten horned beast) when they politically unify.

    Political union will probably take place this year some time, now that the UK is out of the way.

    As you know, the UK has been a great deterrent to the political unification of Europe. The EU must unify soon to keep the whole thing from unraveling.


  11. Alan Wolin says:

    Another example of the “will of the people” being ignored by politicians. They want a new referendum because some did not like the results of the vote. Outrageous, if one thinks about this ploy.


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