The Trouble with Tesla

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  1. Graham says:

    This has been the story of Musk his whole life.

    We have no clue if this will be another Apple story as he’s only run Tesla for a short number of years. Jobs ran his businesses for almost three decades. So this comparison doesnt work.

    Second, I’m impressed with 14K cars in production. He makes wild promises but is there a case where he didn’t finally come up with the answer. NASA said re-usable booster rockets were not possible, he’s done it three times, and at sea! He’s bigger than Jobs because he doesn’t just tell someone to produce his ideas, he actually can do most of the work.


  2. acehilmop says:

    No matter what the article implies about the slow death spiral for Tesla, the implications have a specious ring.
    The Tesla car company, as an entity, will survive. It is head and shoulders above it’s competition and, come what may with acquisitions, there it shall remain because, outside of China the competition continues to be Hybrid and conjoined to the oil industry. Until those strings are severed there can be no serious competitor in the US.
    Furthermore, the author takes a mighty big gamble on the 300,000 solar customers by insinuating that they would not buy a 30,000 dollar car which could save both the environment and their personal bank accounts.


  3. william says:

    Tesla couldn’t even make a lap on the program “Top Gear” last year. And they want 100,000 per vehicle!


  4. John H says:

    The NHTSA is missing some obvious facts: An Autopilot is just that. It is NOT a Self Driving car, it was not touted or sold as a self driving car. The Auto Pilot function is an extension of our old cruise control and ABS. It relieves the driver of ‘some’ hands on control, but not all. The Autopilot function just like the Autopilot in Airplanes still requires watching, monitoring and some ‘along the way’ adjustments and inputs from a ‘paying attention human’
    Information also was reported that this driver was watching a ‘Harry Potter’ movie whilst relying on the Autopilot to keep himself out of trouble.
    Unfortunately due to complacency, this driver killed himself just like the Captain of the Titanic, who believed in his ship.
    I am a retired Major Airline Pilot and I have seen first hand what complacency and not paying attention to details can do.


  5. LABillyboy says:

    Tesla is extremely vulnerable to competition as well. So far the major car manufacturers; you know, the ones who already have massive factories and large, skilled auto manufacturing workforces and CAPITAL… have only focused on making clown car electrics. All it’s going to take to halve Tesla’s sales of it’s unproven Model 3 would be for one or two of the giants to actually take electric cars seriously and put out a competing model at a similar price point, or heaven forbid, a few thousand less…

    Tesla’s designs are OK, but certainly have huge room for improvement. Particularly on the interior and some of the styling, areas where real car companies could blow Tesla away in a single product cycle.

    So on top of all you point out, there is also a serious competitive threat they want us to ignore.


  6. Andrew Klepatsky says:

    I agree with Greg Miller completely.

    Musk’s Tesla enterprise sounds great but it is too risky for the present volatile state of economy. In addition, gas promises to stand low. In my view, Tesla market price is seriously overestimated. In my opinion, the merge with Solar City is an unfair trick with respect to Tesla shareholders. Musk hopes to win because of high business reputation he achieved by his successful SpaceX project. Yes, he successfully landed 4 rocket boosters. All 4 of them are lying in the warehouse without motion. Why are they not been re-used? The point is that stages coming back from high-speed trajectories are subject to overheating and overload. Musk himself declared the first high-speed reentry stage to undergo “max damage”. They all are, since no miracles happen in physics. It looks like the whole idea of reusing failed. When people understand that they were fooled about re-usable rocket the former hero may fall and very soon all Musk affairs would crumble.


  7. BDouglas says:

    Personally, I don’t own a Tesla but I would certainly like to be a fly on the wall of the offices from where negative comments about Tesla come. I would wager to say the pressure from Oil companies and Auto mfr NOT on board with Electric vehicles is massive. And THAT is likely a MASSIVE understatement.


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