Has Globalization Been a Mistake?

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  1. Andrew Hughes says:

    We,the stupid American government officials should mind our own business and start creating good paying jobs.By doing this we can keep our money inside of our own country When you have over 300 million people that is enough to eep any damn country out of debt and plenty of taxes to run the government.Cut,taxes down to 15 per cent and only yourself and kids for deductions.Get all of people to working and making good money.Pay down 80 percent of debt and then we could start to help out other people( by showing them how to create jobs and make money for themselves.If we would do this I think the world would bea hell of a nice place to be icing on. ANdrew


  2. TARA TAN KITAOKA. says:

    You are correct, all humans in a country should try to feed themselves and support their own markets first before going to take another country market.
    ALL MARKETS have their limits, look at the farmers and young people that have lost hope in their world. Everything has a limit.


  3. Chuck says:

    How can globalization be effective when moving within the continental USA was a 50-50 shot at being a failure. Some examples which I know personally. Lawn-boy mowers: Moved to Sardis, Ms. This was due to the actual CPH (cost per hour) was more than $29.00 in 1969 when in Galesburg,Illinois a strong union state for a cheaper labor rate in Mississippi. The work ethic was completely different and the cost per unit (CPU) went up. They then moved to Sheboyagan,Wisconsin where they reduced the CPU was less then Galesburg. Maytag from Galesburg to Mexico: some cost savings but extremely poor workmanship. High cost of warranty work. Autos from Detroit area to the south: CPU about the same but VPS (vehicles per shift) reduced and rework high. Just some of what happens within the USA. Now for the biggee. Imported rail and peripherals from China etal, far eastern countries may be the cause of rail failures which may have a contributing factor of “flat spots” on the wheels. There has been failure of prestressed concrete ties due to the quality of the cable within the tie. Also the connectors and maybe the rail. If a rail has “fissures” (holes within the steel) and a flot spot hid directly on the fissure a break is more probable. Steel and related material from China etal S.E. Asia countries is of very inferior quality.


  4. Bob says:

    Intellectuals pontificate and then Sociopaths take over once it’s too late to reverse these changes. By then only revolution can reverse the status quo. History repeats itself and we never learn from our mistakes.


  5. Dai Jones says:



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