Former Fed Chair Alan Greenspan Examines the Brexit

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  1. Larry says:

    Greenspan’s comments reveal that either he does not understand basic economics or that he is part of the NWO guys trying to force globalization for the benefit of the 1% and the detriment of the 99%.


  2. Jim Bandinelli says:

    This man has made to many misstatements over his time in the limelight, and now, the day after BREXIT he thinks he has all the answers, all the analysis, pathetic! He’s Monday morning quarterbacking and he’s still getting it wrong. Invest, or stay invested, people want their country to be safe, they want to work, they want to get paid, cause they want to provide for their families. Basics are the cause and affects of the BREXIT, people realized that all reasonability for being in the EU was gone, the basics were being taken away from them, just like we are feeling in our own county. When governments can’t do basics correctly anymore they get replaced, it’s just that simple.


  3. Steve says:

    Greenspan, like every economist, only sees the so-called economic issues in a failed EZ. The Brexit vote was more about the usurping of sovereign/home rule and the destruction of various home industries, by the unelected & out-of-control & self-serving bureaucrats in Brussels. This is the fatal problem in every EZ country, but unseen or ignored by the elites who have set up the system to serve them at the expense of everyone else. Works great for them, but not so much for all others.


  4. Jeana says:

    The way i understand this is
    1) euro was forced on nations to try to create a one world govt- i wonder who nade a profit on that!
    – all money should be based on something, be it gold, platinum, diamonds- but a “promise” to pay is really not worth the paper printed on when govt makes that promise.
    2) each nation has its strengths and weaknesses, but 1 nation cant carry the load of other nations with various issues – these nations need to address problems such as hours worked related to pensions, massive welfare, immigration (illegal), drugs, production, retirement age, etc
    3) other nations should not have a say in what the britz do- the stong armed tactics with the disguise that the euro and border ease of entry was a rues. One money for all is not the fix- you need balance.
    4) socialism, dictatorship and communism doesnt work, long term- only free enterprise does.
    5) massive taxation on the only ones working wont last forever- this is showing its ugly head when these workers are now aging and newbies dont have the same passions.
    6) massive regulations never worked either- it just stifles growth and govt sgould not be in the production business- of any product or service- too many greasy hands in the pot.
    7) to free up money you get govt out of the equation, then supply and demand will prove to work.
    8) intetesting all the people with opinions never balanced check books, never ran a household on limited funds or ran a company for 2 decades dealing with daily obsticles and have never had a profit or successful employees that have proven to be very valuable if they are left to do their jobs free of layers of bureaucratic BS.

    A nation is just a bigger business and you cant have all chiefs milking off the top with very few workers. Also thise who make the laws need to live by them too ( such as taking the same healthcare of the masses- no special healthcare for govt.) You also have to reward the good employees and not allow moochers to bring down the rest. You have to fire the bad and you have to remove violators from welfare for life if they cheat, lie or dont try to improve. Everyone should appreciate their hand outs, its not 3 generational and you will be checked on your benefits and drug tested as well as required to learn a trade. Too many hard working people work 3 jobs to support the rest- its time everyone has skin in the game and respect for the “temporary” hand out.

    Time to leave brits get rid of the tumor that is dragging them down. Wont be easy but its necessary for survival. Hopefully they do it correctly.


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