How Population Shifts Are Stifling GDP Growth

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  1. John says:

    Population shifts… I see… You cite “lack of investment” as a constituent of Hansen’s theory along with low birth rates of the time. Why is it that you focus only on the population aspect in your comparison to today?

    My understanding of Hansen’s theory was that it wasn’t under-investment but over-saving that went hand in glove with lower birth rates and the stagnant economy. Why not focus on that angle?

    Recommend reading an article entitled “Global Stagnation,” by FOFOA. After that, you might want to read about his eponymous dilemma.


  2. walnut says:

    Regardless of the angle one focuses on, Hansen was wrong, was he not? Besides, over-saving is not something that has been consistently observed in much of the world, let alone being the cause of widespread stagnant economy.


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