Saudi Arabia Heads From Crude to Solar: Part II

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  1. Conor says:

    Who the hell is forecasting the prices to reach zero ?

    Oil will still be the main source of energy in many decades to come .. demand will pick up faster than people think due to the great potential in growing Asian economies .. and even in the worst case scenario for oil where electric cars become more popular demand will slow down driving prices down and stimulating demand for oil in developing economies who do not give a damn about the environment as long as they can fill up their tanks with cheap gas .. add on top of all this aviation which won’t disappear anytime soon and jet fuel demand will still go up as the world’s population increases .. i.e. WE ARE DEPENDENT ON OIL PERIOD.


  2. Jman says:

    God is forcasting the price of oil to go to zero Conor. If we continue to use it mankind will go extinct. That’s why he gave us the sun and wind and the smarts to use them.


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