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The “State of the Internet” in Five Compelling Charts

It’s not as big or hyped up as the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas or the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Nor does it generate as much chatter as major product announcements from the likes of Apple Inc. (AAPL) and Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL).

But Mary Meeker’s annual “state of the internet” is nonetheless a crucial moment in the tech calendar.

Each year, the venture capitalist and noted tech expert releases her Internet Trends report – and she just penned the 2016 edition.

Naturally, then, our own tech expert, Louis Basenese, was all over it.

Meeker’s research is exhaustive and comprehensive – and Lou picks the five most compelling stats and charts from the report. No small feat, given that there are 213 slides in her PowerPoint presentation!

You can check out the article below.

Lou was a busy guy this week, as he also followed up his recent article on the sorry state of the IPO market with a deeper look at cloud communications provider Twilio (proposed ticker TWLO).

The IPO market certainly needs a boost. In the first quarter of the year, not a single tech company went public.

This has happened just three other times – the third quarter of 2002, the first quarter of 2003, and the first quarter of 2009.

Can Twilio re-ignite the market?

Well, Quartz dubbed the company “the most interesting tech IPO of the year” just days after it filed official IPO documents with the SEC.

Lou isn’t so confident, though. He notes that Twilio does boast some of the hallmarks of a hot IPO, but having reviewed its IPO prospectus, he raises some major red flags, too.

Chief among them is that Twilio hasn’t actually earned a penny, and even lost $38.9 million last year.

You can check out that article below, too.

But if you want to put Lou’s expertise to profitable use, I encourage you to check out his VentureCap Strategist service.

Focusing on small-cap companies – primarily those in the tech sector – Lou goes into much greater detail about today’s major tech trends – and how to scoop the biggest profits from the little-known companies driving these trends forward. Take a closer look here.

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, Managing Editor

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