Four Factors That Will Drive Home Automation

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  1. Thomas Osner says:

    The article states that even with simplified AI devices like Amazon’s Alexa, many home automation devices are still seen as complicated, and most consumers continue to regard the devices as unnecessary and it’s not always apparent what the benefits are.
    The 6-in-1 ultra-secure security shuttle features a patented zero-paring settup, which apparently solves this conception.
    Furthermore, it’s an ultra-secure collaborative, video protection and control platform that protects property, assets, and loved ones all in one app. It can manage up to 30+ devices all under one mobile app and you can add multiple users to this account and monitor multiple locations too!

    It’s no monthly fees or contracts for their self-monitoring service.

    Go check them out:


  2. Jonathan Choquel says:

    Great insights Greg! At Sevenhugs, we are also working on a “more streamlined solution” for control. Check out our Smart Remote! The user interface is really intuitive. How do you like it?


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