Peru Attractive Despite Eccentric Politics

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  1. SoteroAnali says:

    Conclusion of the article (i.e. invest in EPU ETF) is right. However there are several statements in the article that don’t make much sense… Among others:
    “After Fujimori, Peruvian economic management deteriorated under Alejandro Toledo (2001-06) and the return of 1985-90 leftist President Alan Garcia (2006-11). But it didn’t collapse.” While it’s right to recognize that under Fujimori Peru’s economy was stabilized, Fujimori left the country in 2001 when Peru was in its worst year in terms of economic growth for the last 25 years. It was the job of Kuczynski (current president elect) to guide the economy towards recovery. Peru grew at unprecedented levels during Toledo’s mandate and Garcia’s (second) mandate as a consequence, contrary to what you claim.

    “Economically, he [Kuczynski] won’t represent much of an improvement on Humala, nor will he do much for the living standards of impoverished Peruvians.” This seems like a randomly biased and unsubstantiated statement given Kuczynski’s experience at the World Bank, as Finance Minister and Prime Minister and as head of an NGO to provide drinking water to the poorest Peruvians. Care to explain your rationale?

    “As for Fujimori, she may provide a useful check on Kuczynski’s wasteful Keynesian proclivities while biding her time until the 2021 election.” Again, how do you justify that Kuczynski is wasteful? And on the subject of 2021, there seems to be deep disagreement on who will be running on behalf of the Fujimori family: Keiko or her brother Kenji.


  2. Michael says:

    “Controlled by his opponents???? He did many good things but this doesn’t gave him free card to rob and kill. He took control of the media, and all the institutions. His government was one of the most corrupt in the history of Peru. He committed crimes! that is why he is jail not because the courts are controlled by his opponents.


  3. Adrian says:

    You should do some research…the economy did not deteriorate during the two presidencies after Fujimori, it did better! It was Alejandro Toledo and PPK (as minister of Economy) that really positioned Peru to be where it is today, whose policies carried over to Garcia’s term – the numbers prove it! Additionally, Fujimori did return Peru to free market – off a previous socialist regime, however there is irrefutable proof of human rights violations (forced sterilization of 200k poor Andean women, students and suspects slaughtered without trials, etc – the list goes on) bribery left and right, and not to mention $4 billion dollars missing. At the end of Fujimori’s regime poverty in Peru was at 54%, today it is below 25% and that was thanks to the work that was done post him. Sorry to be blunt, but you are either a hopeless “Fujimorista” or a very ignorant man.


  4. Michael says:

    Well said Adrian! I don’t understand the purpose of saying that the economy deteriorated after Fujimori when it was quite the opposite. Actually poverty now is 21.8 % falling 9% so far during Humala’s government.


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