How to Cash in on the Oil Matrix

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  1. Dave Braatz says:

    Your 2-year yellow downtrend line is poorly drawn. AR broke out BEFORE last Friday. Who on earth draws a downtrend line that only touches two points? You should have drawn a downtrend band (or wider line) that demonstrated at least 4-point resistance on the way down (June 2014 high, to $56.81 in Nov, to $46.06 end of April 2015, to failed breakout in Mar 2016, with confirmed breakout in April 2016). To me it looks like we had the breakout significantly earlier than you called it, and we also have nearly had a full backtest.


  2. Mased says:

    Thanks! For the Oil profit artical. (AR) sounds swell, I’am sure to mention it to my full-service broker. Mr.Paul D. Schmidt. Michael E. Blake


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