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No End in Sight for the Currency Cold War

With the next Fed meeting scheduled for June 14 and 15, several officials have already hinted at an interest rate increase.

Following the officials’ words, the dollar strengthened and the price of gold declined, indicating the “Currency Cold War” of the last few years might be winding down.

But Global Markets Analyst Martin Hutchinson doesn’t see it that way.

The likely 0.25% rate increase is nowhere near enough to end the Currency Cold War, let alone reduce the chance of the war becoming “hot.”

Martin follows such geopolitical and macroeconomic events for members of his Currency & Capital service, focusing on events in both the United States and around the globe. And in following these events, he identifies the best ways to profit from them.

For example, in Brazil, President Dilma Rousseff’s pending impeachment and Vice President Michel Temer’s succession could spell fortune or doom for the country, depending on the outcome.

If Rousseff avoids impeachment and returns, Brazil’s economy will continue to decline. If not, and Temer remains in power, things look more promising. Although Martin does urge investors to be cautious, as Temer will face an uphill battle without a majority in Congress to support him.

Nonetheless, if Temer does make some headway, it could, in turn, make Petrobras (PBR) a very good investment – with Rousseff no longer using the company as a slush fund, and with the production of its Lula oil fields ramping up.

Martin Hutchinson just did a free webinar for Wall Street Daily readers covering his Currency & Capital service. For more information, click here.

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Marie Haughey

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