The Commodities Market Has a Sweet Tooth

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  1. Kim Bang says:

    Sweet research and a great call on Sugar closing the week up close to 10% from the time you published….How high can we go over the next few weeks?


    Shelley Goldberg Reply:

    Thank you for your nice comments. Sugar’s next point of resistance is $0.20/lb, however it will not be immediate. From there resistance is at 21.60. Note that prices are trading above their 20 day and 100 day moving average and have surpassed their 2-year high meaning that the short-term direction is up but we should see profit taking along the way.


  2. Kim Bang says:


    Thank you. We took partial profits today at 19.10 on our s-t model looks like a consolidation is plausible before the next push higher…


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