Wendy’s Moves to Eliminate Workforce

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  1. Jeana says:

    Automation has been in play for along time in many industries.

    Reasons are many, better control of product, reduced down time from sick workers, strikes or just unskilled workers who dont care.

    For along time society has changed. The unskilled worker makes demands but does nothing to improve their condition. Often their attitude is poor and they infect others with that ideas. With auto mation you dont have this.

    Consumers demand better outcome for reasonable price and automation with computers will do this with many industries.

    Our technology is unlimited.


  2. Bob Fox says:

    As the voting base becomes more liberal and the majority, the socialist (progressive) movement will achieve their entitlement goals. You don’t need a financial wizard to see this coming. Our current administration is following the “Rules for Radicals” plan. The government has to create a problem so the public will ask them to fix it. This is how you become “beholding”. Is it fare that the fast foods employee does not make as much money as the waiter at a high end restaurant? Let’s increase the minimum wage. No, I’m automating.


  3. Hans says:

    Most of us could see this coming. Although fast food restaurants won’t be completely free of Humans since someone must fill the hoppers with meat and cheese etc. so the machines can fill the buns. plus more complicated foods such as salads and special requests will still need a human to fulfill this need


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