Philippines’ Election of Nationalist Rodrigo Duterte Bodes Well for the Country

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  1. Joe De Pompa says:

    He should be a breath of fresh air ! When he was mayor of Davo there wasn’t much crooks around and no drugs etc. I hope for all of the Philippines that he is able to do at least half of what he says !!


  2. Cely Loose says:

    I was born, grow, live in Davao City since my birth..Mayor Duterte is really a good leader since he started to be our mayor..we filipinos in New Zealand supported his candidacy and very happy that he wins the election as president of our beloved country, Philippines..we always pray for his success to run the governance..


  3. French Chicken says:

    He loves and protects the children because he believes they are the future. That’s why he banned cigarettes on public places, banned selling of liquors after 2am, set curfew for teenagers at 10pm, drinking liquor inside the house only not on the streets to avoid public disturbances. He hated drugs so much because it poisons the youth. He makes all criminals crippled by fear so that they will think not to commit a crime anymore. He loves his country even if many elites on the government opposed him for every steps he’ll make. He’s very close to the ordinary people wherein he can live with them and protect them from criminals.


  4. Bob Mackenzie says:

    It is interesting how Martin Hutchinson shuns the notion of socialism. He seems unaware of the fact that the trillion dollar army that opens countries up to his avarice is publicly funded. He seems to have conveniently forgotten that the public debt soared after Wall St. went bankrupt on greed in order to bale him out. Every man woman and child in America owes about $50,000 to the national debt making America the most socialized country on earth. Farmers are subsidized by the public, the military complex, which is huge is subsidized by public debt. American corporations reap huge profits employing communist doctrine to guarantee their bottom line.


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