Puerto Rico Is the First of the Muni Disasters

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  1. 11th Gen American says:

    Considering the U.S. has a $19 trillion national debt, and cannot afford to bail out Puerto Rico under any circumstances, and since we DO NOT want more Puerto Ricans flooding into the U.S., adding to the financial burden taxpayers are already carrying, it’s time to cut Puerto Rico loose and grant it independence as a nation rather than doing something stupid like making it a state. But since our public officials have not adopted Obama’s simple mantra “Don’t do stupid stuff,” I suspect another terrible decision will be made by the powers-that-be to protect their own investments in that failing U.S. territory.


  2. Nancy Korman says:

    I understand that states CANNOT declare bankruptcy, but that municipalities CAN???? Thank you for clarifying this point.


  3. Impartial Nonpolitico says:

    Mr. Hutchinson:
    What is your political agenda?
    Governor Fortuño’s government was the most irresponsible money borrower in all the political history of PR by issuing billions in triple tax exempt bonds. You are blaming present governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla of PR’s fiscal crisis. Gov. García is not the culprit, but the victim of the financial fiasco created by many past administrations, starting with past Gov. Pedro Rosselló, who instituted an unsustainable medical reform, and asked Congress to remove the Section 936 benefits from Puerto Ricans, responsible for the economic success that the Island enjoyed in the past, as part of his agenda in order to make Puerto Ricans beg for statehood. Of course, his agenda failed miserably.
    So please, try to get better information next time you issue any future opinion and judgement about Puerto Rico’s history. Your sources are biased and/or misinformed.


  4. Peter W says:

    Where is the TRUTH about Puerto Rico?


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