The Federal Reserve Wants More U.S. Treasury Bonds

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  1. Jon says:

    The Truth is that ‘QE’ is an admission by ‘The Fed’ that there is no market for US ‘debt’. When you can no longer fool the Chinese into buying ‘debt’, where do you turn? ‘QE’ is the answer to that question…!!


  2. Mike says:

    The World understands that what has been going on for years is coming to an abrupt halt. If America does not return to the GOLD STANDARD soon it will have no choice to bankrupt. That is one reason China has spent it currency on GOLD and being backed by it. The lie America has lived for years is now going to crush her, because of her immoral financial responsibility by the greedy elite. It’s pay back time, the sad thing ALL America will pay, even those who have exercised financial wisdom all their lives. The greedy elites will have much to pay for in the end!


  3. Bill Zehner says:

    Note that the Fed holds $2.3 trillion of Treasury securities and the Fed has a $2.4 trillion liability for excess member bank reserves. These excess reserves are demand deposits and can be withdrawn at any time. What will the Fed do when these excess reserves are withdrawn?


  4. Cesar Perez says:

    I know the government finally passed a Highway Bill, but why not massively increase infrastructure spending, which is direly needed, and which would stimulate the economy by creating jobs? Wouldn’t that be more prudent and logical than a 4th QE, which has not really worked to solve the problem? Infrastructure is in disrepair and will have to be repaired anyway, why postpone it when doing it now would also help our economy?


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