Ted Cruz Likely to Be Future Republican Nominee

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  1. S K LIMAYE says:

    Very interesting ! But this time no chance.It’s going to be Donals Trump all the way.First time in history US primaries are attracting so much attention from people like me , living thousands of miles away. This is because of his unconventional approach.


  2. Hank says:

    Actually, Mike Huckabee was the runner up, not Mitt Romney. Mike decided not to run again in 2012, which gave Mitt the “leading position”, having been third the previous time.


  3. Pierre says:

    As I see you prefer oligarche. Your analyse do not mention the only interesting candidate which is popular with the peoples.Clinton is a Crook, she never done anything constructive in politic , and she may end in prison, The Donald is a joke, and Cruz is an evil.


  4. Eileen says:

    Except for one thing – his likeability factor is zero; otherwise Republicans would be backing him now. This also assumes that Trump, if he is the nominee, would leave the party alone, which I seriously doubt. Due to what he sees as the undemocratic nature of the party, my guess is that he would purge it and at the end of four years, you’ll have the Communist Party, AKA Democratic party and a Republican party that looks a lot more libertarian with a more dovish foreign policy. Cruz is a neocon and he would be purged with the rest.
    Lastly, if Clnton wins, there won’t be another election.


  5. Randy Armstrong says:

    He is the best man to save the country from it’s self and keep on the path for the Constitution and Bill of Rights. If he doesn’t become President then the next guy should appoint him to the Supreme Court.


  6. Steve H says:

    Not voting for anyone who even thinks about shutting down the government , let alone someone who actually did.


  7. Marsha says:

    I sincerely hope that Ted Cruz doesn’t get the nomination this year or ever! I am a strong conservative and I feel that he is VERY dishonest, and really underhanded. I did consider him in the beginning of the campaign but his behavior has shown who he really is. He is one of the establishment politicians doing business like the democrats.


  8. Jack HarperJackh says:

    Cruz is a sychophant for Golden Sacks, where his wife is a director. She is a CFR harlot pushing the NAU as well. Cruz has removed any doubt that he is a BUSH operative and NOT a true LIBERTY Candidate. And he is a Canadian as well. We The People are AWAKE and will not take kindly to him in the future.


  9. klsparrow says:

    Everyone is talking about in 2020 are 2024. This voters who are rejecting Cruz this time around and cannot win the nomination unless the delegates hand it to him at the convention. That will divide the party and leave a sour taste with a lot of voters. They will remember that Cruz put ego first over the party and winning and voters have long memory’s.

    You have forgotten about Rubio. The man got out with grace and has not been attacking anyone. The voters respect that since he was not going to win he let his ego go and got out. Rubio will be back I don’t know if it is in 2020 are 2024 if trump gets elected. Rubio will have a positive view with the voter where Cruze will be remembered as the the spoiled brat with the big ego and hoping the the establishment and the delegates at the convention will hand him the nomination even though the voters sent a message that they did not want him. In the future I would vote for Rubio but not Cruz.


  10. Arnold Bruhn says:

    It is said by those who know him best, ‘no one likes Cruz.’ Make that no one plus 1.

    Next question: What are his policy positions?

    Answer: Beat Trump.

    Next question: Why would anyone support Cruz?

    Answer: It’s obvious, right? No one likes him, and he wants to beat Trump. Who would possibly make a better President?


  11. Paul S says:

    Ted Cruz is a sleazy, snotty/self serving liar and a loser and despised by the Republican brash at the top.
    He has nowhere to go down from here.


  12. Patricia Earle says:

    Cruz, unfortunately, has been too “hard-nosed” to unit the Republican Party – an absolute necessity for winning a Presidentuial election. Best place for him is on the Supreme Court .


  13. Donald Klos says:

    We don’t need an untrustworthy liar like Cruz anywhere in our Government! We have TOO MANY that we must vote out NOW!
    2016 is the year to clean house in Washington DC and give Donald Trump a Team of American Patriots to work with!
    Paul Ryan, you are as untrustworthy as Cruz. You need to go also!
    DONALD TRUMP 2016 for a Greater America!


  14. rosech says:

    I pray to God that Cruz NEVER gets any political job again. I have left the GOP because they are power and money hungry. I don’t want Cruz because of his connections to the One World Government and NWO and the fact that he is a liar, cheat, coward and lacks character and ethics.


  15. Ignatius Vige says:

    What a disappointing article for a financial newsletter, in total support of the oligarchy that has hijacked the U.S. government.

    I’m sure you expend a large amount of effort and resources in gaining new readership and customers for WSD. Well you just lost this one. I was a new member, too. I’d have to say you’re undermining your efforts publishing this type of article. You assume WRONGLY that your readers are Republican (or any particular party, for that matter), or even American. Or maybe it is I who assumed wrongly that this wasn’t a political newsletter. I didn’t sign-up for WSD because I’m looking for partisan politics. I can go to Fox or CNN for that. I do not want or need your political perspective, I was looking for financial advice. Stick to what you’re good at. And while you’re at it, think global, but act local.


  16. Ron I says:

    I don’t care what you say, Cruz is not a Natural born citizen. He was born in Canada with one US citizen parent. The Naturalization Act of 1790 said, if both of your parents were US citizens and you were born outside of the US, you are a Natural Born citizen, but that was repealed in 1795 with the Naturalization Act of 1795. It says if both of your parents were US citizens and you were born outside of the US then you are a US citizen (not a Natural Born Citizen). He only has one US parent, so he would have had to file a Form FS-40 foreign birth and been Naturalized by age 18. Naturalized not Natural Born. He just gave up his Canadian citizenship a couple of years ago. If he didn’t register for Selective Service by age 18 and didn’t Naturalize and file Form FS-40 then he may not even be a US Citizen. Maybe that is why he sealed his records.


  17. Judy Peterson says:

    Hopefully, by the next election cycle, the GOP will have FINALLY figured out that Raphael Cruz is NOT and never can be a NATURAL-BORN CITIZEN. He was born out of country to a CUBAN father. I’m beyond sick and tired of hearing what a “constitutional conservative” Cruz is. If he were, he would know that he is NOT eligible for POTUS. He’s a fraud.


  18. Lynda Davis says:

    I’am praying to God in the name of Jesus Christ that Ted Cruz will be our President in 2017. I’am very concerned what will happen to our Country and Israel if he is not. God bless


  19. Noel Kasper says:

    Ted Cruz is the class of the candidates. How did he get to be this far in the race if nobody likes him. All you dumbbells are in effect dissing the millions of non-pols (none of the pols like him, remember?) who voted for him in the primaries? His campaign took a wrong turn when they misspoke about Ben leaving his campaign to go to Florida. Big deal. How many votes did Ben lose as a result? any? Now tell us how Cruz lied. Come on…….tell us.


  20. Milo says:

    Ted Cruze, according to one expert states that Cruze is not eligible for the position. Why? Because at the time of the man’s birth both parents needed to be a US Citizen or naturalized. One was not therefore he is not eligible unless he is trying to play the same card as did Obama. One of the late night hosts quipped – bet Cruze is not happy his passport is Canadian. Just reporting what has been stated


  21. Pete C. says:

    Never Cruz!!!! The man has no flexibility in his beliefs. To be president you need to be flexible enough to govern the wide disparity of people we have in this country.


  22. Art Austin says:

    Cruz never say die campaign has ended his career. He would have been a good supreme court nominee but his hyperbolical laced arguments dug him a political grave.


  23. SLee says:

    Ted Cruz is the only person I’m voting for and that means if he’s not on my ballot, I will hand write his name on my ballot. I will not compromise my morals and principles for scum like Trump. Trump supporters you have trashed our country yet again. It was bad enough after Obama 2 terms!


  24. John Gaver says:

    There is a BIG difference between Ted Cruz and past runner-ups. ALL of the cited past runner-ups, who went on to become the nominee, were basically honest people (for a politician, anyway). Ted Cruz has been dramatically exposed as a bald-faced, pathological LIAR – so much so that he will be very unlikely to win re-election to the U.S. Senate in two years.

    Remember that in 2012, Cruz won his Senate seat with 58% of the vote in both the GOP Primary and the general election. But four years later, he could not muster even a simple majority of Texas Republicans, in this year’s GOP Primary. We’re talking about people who voted for him for the U.S. Senate just four years earlier, who now don’t see him as presidential material.

    As a Texas Republican, who campaigned for and voted for Ted Cruz, in 2012, I can honestly say that my past support for Cruz was the worst political support decision of my life and that I will NEVER again vote for Ted Cruz for any office, even if it means writing in the name of another candidate. At his run-off victory party, he shook my hand and at that distance, looked me in the eye and LIED to me 5 times. I didn’t know they were lies, at the time. But all 5 have turned out to be bald faced lies.

    Not only will Cruz never be the GOP presidential nominee, his elective political career is over. If he stays in politics, he’s going to have to learn to kiss up to the Establishment, in order to get appointed to some office where he doesn’t have to face the voters. If he starts playing nice, maybe Trump will appoint him to be the U.S. Ambassador to Canada.


  25. CFR says:

    Someone needs to do their Constitutional homework (Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5). To hold the office of POTUS a person must be a natural born Citizen of the United States.

    Senator Cruz was born in Canada to Canadian citizen parents at a time when Canada did not allow dual citizenship. He also readily admits his parents did not submit a CRBA document to the U.S. State Department recording his birth in Canada.

    Thus, Senator Cruz is a natural born Citizen of Canada not the U.S. A person cannot be a natural born Citizen of two countries.

    In fact, he has never provided any documentation that identifies him as a citizen of the United States. If he is not even a citizen of the U.S. Senator Cruz is holding the position of U.S. Senator from Texas illegally (Article 1, Section 3, Clause 3).

    For a more detailed discussion go to the link below:



  26. Terry Hoffman says:

    That depends. It is likely if Hillary wins (or Biden if she is indicted). If Trump wins, his liberal policies will spell disaster and since foolish so called conservatives would be responsible for getting him elected, Cruz would have to somehow divorce himself from these voters. We may have just witnessed the death of the conservative movement with Trump getting the nomination (as is likely).


  27. Owen K. says:

    Problem here is that Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney all lost their bids for the White House. Big government Republicans, each one of them, and not a one can claim Regan conservatism.


  28. Gary says:

    Reagan could work with the Democrats in a bipartisan fashion. Cruz can’t even work with his own party.


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