Young & Prudent: Living in a Dying System

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  1. Chris Licavoli says:

    Wow this is such a debby downer article. You prophesy your future by telling yourself that the system is rigged against you and you can’t do it. You CAN do it! Capitalism may not be perfect and could be improved, but I assure you, people are not crossing shark infested waters on homemade plastic bottle rafts to escape Capitalism in Cuba and people did not risk death trying to climb the Berlin Wall because Capitalism was killing their future in East Germany. Have you been to China? With all due respect, you would do well to study some history.


  2. J.D. Rhodes says:

    The problem isn’t the decline in capitalism. Part or the problem is the socialization of capitalism, we don’t have a pure capitalist society. The second part of the problem is the ideology and the presumption that all people should be rewarded equally with or without merit. This is continued into college with it’s inherent protectionism (hence “safe zones”). We have a generation of molly coddled youth that haven’t been prepared for real world competition. And when they are faced with that reality, they resort to self-victimization. Wealth isn’t a zero sum gain. How well off the rich are has no effect on my ability to create and amass wealth.


  3. 'C.S.' MASTERSON says:

    If capitalism and greed could be separated, capitalism is not
    the problem. We tried to separate the two with our monopoly
    laws; but those were overcome with M & A. The point of an
    entitled society is absolutely correct; thank you mother’s and
    non-attentive fathers. When international ‘rent seizing’ is
    estimated between 14 & 28%, we have a systemic species
    problem that could logically self destruct. I will return to the
    mother’s to look at other species and how the mother’s teach
    their young to successfully survive. Greed is a strong reflection
    of insecurity.


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