Oil and Money: The New Saudi Arabia

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  1. Shandor says:

    If this can be said respectfully, the Saudi Fresh Prince can kiss my butt! America’s future will no longer be decided by “sheiks walking around like kings from Amsterdam to Paris”, to fast forward a quote from the great Bob Dylan. America has all the energy we need to decouple from the whole Middle East, whether domestic oil and gas or imports from friendly Canada. Even “frenemies” like Mexico are better than the duplicitous Saudis who embargoed our oil supply in the 1970’s. The only reason we’re dependent on primitive civilizations in far parts of the world is because neocons like Kissinger and the Bushes stood to gain wealth and prestige from alliances with goons. In other words, we’re not beholden to oil market prices now any more than those jokers were when they cut off oil to us. Our new President Trump or Cruz should cut off the hydra head of OPEC on his first day in office by banning imports of OPEC oil, and letting them try to sell their crap to economies in the doldrums, maybe to help build ghost cities! We can drill and burn our own till we fund enough solar and wind to go beyond petroleum for sure.


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