Why Dumping Dilma Won’t Solve Brazil’s Problems

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  1. Robson says:

    Brazil’s lower house has voted IN FAVOR OF impeaching President Dilma Rousseff. Now the case goes to the Senate, where a simple majority will SUSPEND her UNTIL SHE IS JUDGED BY THE SENATE, WHERE A 2/3 MAJORITY WILL REMOVE HER.


  2. Carl Boniface says:

    Actually Color was impeached from Government in 2002, so I think readers should be aware of the correct facts; thank you!


  3. Carl Boniface says:

    For your knowledge Lula didn’t bankrupt Brazil as when he took power the previous leaders had rebuilt the economy which was on route to a healthy GDP, and thus he took over and got the credit for something he had little to do with. Don’t forget this guy could not read or write, and his climb to fame was as a teenage show polisher. Yes, he wanted equality for workers, and took it to extremes, but on the downside he got greedy and started sucking everything from the Brazilian government in a wave of clever corruption. Don’t forget tax payers hold the country up!

    A poor man who now owns a jet/s, farms, wealth beyond your imagination, and one of his sons who had nothing is now a major share holder of a large meat production plant called http://www.friboi.com.br/home

    Masking the truth is built in to many Governmental Brazilians DNA, and then the judicial system allows thieves to be professional ones at that.

    Hope that helps shed some light on things.


  4. Zaph Beeb says:

    ‘Brazil’s lower house has voted against impeaching President Dilma Rousseff.’

    Huh? They voted to impeach her,


  5. James Hortgen says:

    Brazil is a mess.


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