Faraday Future: Is This Car Company Legit?

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  1. Mike Hertel says:

    Interesting the name Faraday. The Farad, named for Michael Faraday is a measure of the capacity of a capacitor. I have heard stories in the past of the possibility of using capacitors to drive electric vehicles instead of batteries. They evidently would last indefinitely and be much lighter weight. The cost would be minimal compared to lithium batteries.


  2. Electric Carer says:

    I expect the reason they haven’t clearly stated the “what” in what they’re building is that it may be not be an end-product car at all. But rather it may be a generic platform for implementing any new electric car. Their concept is probably the first example of this, and they will likely build a couple more examples to just prove that you can use their platform to construct an econobox, mid-size, suv, whatever using their platform. Sort of a Platform-as-a-Service for a electric car. They can license their tech out to any end-user car company who want to build the UX.


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