Would Britain’s EU Exit Trigger a Mass Exodus?

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  1. S K LIMAYE says:

    Nice article . Thought provoking !


  2. B DeKay says:

    I think the EU is dead


  3. B DeKay says:

    I don’t think the union will hold together
    Just my thought


  4. 11th Gen American says:

    Britain only has one choice if they want to save their culture, their language, their own religion, their own race, their economy, and their freedoms! There are 1.2 million Muslims on their west across Europe, and they’re heading to England! You must vote to exit the European Union! All other European countries must DEMAND the right of self-determination regarding who enters their countries or Muslims will take them over! If Brussels taught them nothing, they’re done for!


  5. Jim Knight says:

    Please Martian Hutchinson your history is appalling… What war in the 50 was in Europe? as there wasn’t one nope not one war in western Europe in the 50’s Korea yes, even the idiot Eden Suez debacle was in late 50,s both of which are not in Europe! next you entire article is complete pro Europe rubbish, clearly if the UK leaves the EU the economic benefits will be enormous for the UK. as it will be for countries like Greece who really need to leave the EU. and will find many Brits really want to help Greece out through helping the economies expand through British investment. just as we will be in a better position to help the poorer countries though economic investment into countries where such investment is poor. by doing this stability will follow as the people will want the work they want jobs that put food on the table. With a BREXIT this is something that Britain can do without undemocratic interference from a bunch of UNELECTED, OVERPAID, UNACCOUNTABLE, UNDERACHIVING, Socialist-NAZI monkeys! However what you and so many carpet baggers fail to understand this is not just about economics, its not just about jobs, its not just about immigration. No, its about far more than that and Britain’s plight should now strike a cord with all FREEDOM LOVING AMERICANS and it is a MORAL question which is simply this, What gives the remains and the likes of David Cameron the MORAL right to steal my FREEDOM or right of SELF DETERMINATION and give it to those aforementioned Socialist-NAZI Monkeys for less than a packet of peanuts?” the answer is simple they don’t we in the UK do not feel we will get a fair referendum on this! Nor in recent years has our nation been treated fairly by yours or the vile EU! as a result thousands of our children being raped our young being unable to by homes wages being depressed living standards falling our children’s education being destroyed our NHS about to be sold off by those monkeys again to the US through TTIP. For many Brits America is a friend we can no-longer turn our backs upon in trust for fear of that bloody knife you lot keep sticking in us! enough already! Right now is an extremely dangerous situation is developing here in the UK and our people are now openly talking about rebellion and this my greatest fear, civil war! and you can bet your bottom dollar that Russia under Putin will supply those of us now prepared to stand against our anti-democratic oppressive government with the tools we need to gain our freedom there is a sea of discontent sweeping our country with our children no, longer being educated but indoctrinated in the best tradition of Mao Tzu Tung. It seems that Russia may now be the arsenal of Freedom whilst America the supporters of oppression. A sorry state of affairs considering I spent 10 years of my life defending freedom from Russian oppression only for today to find that Russia may offer the best path to Freedom for my people, unlike many I love my people with all my heart! However, as I am an old man yet I am still prepared to fight and if necessary die for my people because I believe in them with my whole heart. A Britain outside the EU will be stronger and better placed to save Europe yet again, perhaps this time you can come to our aid early and without the blackmail of last time being your motivating force but because saving the people of Europe from oppression is the right moral thing to do! So I make this Plea to the people of America if you truly believe in freedom and not just for America but for everyone please I ask you join with your British brother & sisters and help us regain our freedom


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