Twitter’s Desperate Move Won’t End Well

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  1. Adam says:

    Um, twitter has periscope which is the premier live streaming service. If you think live that’s your app. I’m not sure what seems to be odd here.

    Anyways linking TV to twitter is also called second screen… you haven’t done this you should. It makes watching TV a much better experience as u and the people u follow comment on what’s on in real time. It’s fun.

    If your bearish on Twitter that’s fine that’s what most on Wall Street are and u could be right. If u use the service it’s obvious it’s all about live and is an amazing platform. If enough people can see that it’ll do well if not then it won’t. Nothing wrong with it, its just a question of will enough people see its value. Plenty of people stick to what they know and make life harder for themselves every day, they don’t know. I’ve had Facebook users show me content that was new to them and hours if not days old from when it was on Twitter. I’ll sometimes say that I already saw that on Twitter and then they go back to the same old content feed in Facebook. To each their own 🙂 rarely does that work in reverse. Jack seems to be doing everything right so far. Hopefully people get it over time


  2. William Parnetta says:

    Twitter hasn’t made money…ever…and show no signs of making money…ever…regardless of what any of us think of their product or services. Use it if you like the service but as an investment you should be shorting it all day long.


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