The Economics of a Clinton Restoration

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  1. Larry says:

    However, there is probably a greater than 50% chance that H will be completely disgraced by the FBI.


  2. DR, MIke Reerder says:

    A Clinton presidency would of necessity require new and more taxes and, for one don’t think most American want European type taxes. We fought one Revolution on that basis and I think this would be so divisive a shocked and uncooperative public would emerge and begin to push back. Any others and the public would be in arms and seek to destroy her presidency. She is too soft on meeting ISIS in open ware fare and if they get more of a foot hold in this country could start a new revolution, But, not the kind we think about. With open boarders and free indoctrination schools it would simply be Isis vs. America and we will see blood shed among us, in our own streets and families. Clinton and her escapades would NOT be tolerated any longer and she might be over looked a strong world leader, because she is not strong. Our Military is already stretched too thin and she will not strengthen it any more and in fact will be another Barry. I do not look forward to another Clinton on the White House.


  3. Charles Ellison says:

    No matter how you slice it, taxes are a downer for economic growth. It makes no difference where the taxes come from it is still taxation. Giving money taken from working people to “n0n-workers” is ludicrous. Furnishing anything to someone at no cost to them only results in waste. No investment-no care. The democrats only do that for votes, not to help people have a better life. Check Chicago! As far as global warming, this has nothing to do with the weather, it is a control venture. Read more about the way the people involved in this GW discuss what they want.


  4. Diane says:

    Virtually all of our government leaders are selected by an omnipotent political power: Big Money. Big Money selects its callow, shallow tools; then it spends whatever it takes to parachute them into office. And once in office, those tools deliver on whatever Big Money wants. A tax break. A bailout. “Regulatory relief.” An earmark. A no-bid contract. Whatever they want.
    And We, The People, be damned. We’re not even in the loop.
    Is it an oligarchy or is it a plutocracy? Oh, I don’t know. Just pick one.


  5. RED says:

    The author is an “international merchant” with a predictable agenda driven analysis.

    A Clinton “administration” would be devastating to the country on many fronts. She is a dishonest “hack” politician with a demonstrable history of incompetence and corruption!


  6. johnw1120 says:

    Clinton is not the real problem here, the real problem is the number of, those who consider themselves intelligent, who would actually vote for this woman. Given her very questionable “track record” and total lack of accomplishments in decades of feeding at the public trough, it creates a serous question about said intelligence. Like obama, her record is there for all the world to see and she is truly a despicable person. When we, as a society, fail to take into account the honesty, credibility, morality and integrity of those who we would elect, we as a society are lost. Clinton clearly fails on ALL of these points.


  7. jhwrr says:

    “…a bit more … not frightening???


    Where did YOU study econimics????


  8. Concerned says:

    Have you ever sat down and listed all the taxes we now pay on goods and services? Utility taxes to fund our police station, taxes on all your bills, gas taxes, local taxes, state taxes, any bond measures…..can you add to this list?
    I think we’re already socialized behind our backs in the middle of the night.


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