Facebook Dumps BlackBerry: The Key Lessons

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  1. Steve Van Osdell says:

    And let’s NOT forget the venerable EBAY! With their greed (charging fees on the cost of postage on top of 13%) and the way they treat sellers (a seller has to refund a buyer who for a return ships back an empty box with no recourse – I can prove that!), I pray every day that some well-funded startup with jump in wake eBay up! But since they are the only real game in town, sellers have to hold their noses and their wallets and use them – for now.


  2. f.g.wolter says:

    If there is a comparable choice to Facebook, people would use it. Monopoly, which FB holds in their area, is not good for the user/customer in the long run. Right now FB’s use of ‘popups’ and other commercial tricks is bothersome.


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