Brazil Should Throw the Blighters Out

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  1. MalcolmX says:

    Was this not the third world country Obama sent $100 million of our tax dollars to develop it’s oil fields, and then the idiot turned down “Keystone”?


  2. Bright Light says:

    Smells like George Soros is active in Brazil. He loves to drive down the economies of nations and pick up the pieces for a song. Check and see if he is active in your country. I know he was active with Obama in one of the South American countries in offshore oil exploration. Obama gave him 2 billion dollars to invest.


  3. Mike Welborn says:

    A very accurate and concise summary of the corruption that still occurs in Brazil that should have been eliminated at least 2 years ago. If impeachment doesn’t go forward, along with prison sentences then the people of Brazil will have sealed their fate.


  4. Robert Reed says:

    It was ten Billion dollars. And we still do not get any oil from these people.


  5. daniel filho says:

    Mr Hutchinson, with due respect, Brazil’s leftist Workers Party (PT) has undeniably inflated the inefficient public sector and that is a matter of concern, however, it is far from needing a new constitution. Its present one – issued in 1988 – after careful scrutiny with the countries’ top intellectual, politicians, lawyers and what have you is called the “citizens constitution”. It has promoted consumer rights, citizenship and democracy as no other. Remember, Brazil was under a miliary dictatorship from 1964 – 1980 and that has been the cause of much angst and authoritarism. The Constitution of 1988 has mended that and if, there has been a sucessful impeachment before or if there will be another one now, it is due to an extremely up-to-date and well written Constitution.


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