Oil Giant to Lose AAA Credit Rating

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  1. Carol Small says:

    Is this not the same rating agency that helped push us into the collapse in 2008 by being paid to overrate bad derivative organizations?? We are suppose to trust them now?
    And is it not the goal of the middle east on our oil and gas industries to collapse them?
    What you didn’t include in this article is what the result of a collapse of Exxon Mobile would mean to this country and to the cartels in the middle east. You ring the danger bell – which will cause a collapse of stock – and don’t tell us what will happen when that stock collapses. Is this not helping the oil cartels of the middle east, or is Exxon part of that? Not being the expert on this, it would have been an needed and very interesting addition to the article.


    Alan Gula

    Alan Gula Reply:

    Hi Carol,

    Exxon isn’t going to default, but there will be numerous bankruptcies in the energy sector.

    Please see: http://www.wallstreetdaily.com/2014/11/04/energy-sector-debt-levels/

    And… http://www.wallstreetdaily.com/2015/12/07/dividend-death-watch-update-mlps/

    In December, I said, “Once a major master limited partnership (MLP) default occurs, true panic will pervade. At that point, we’ll be better able to assess which players will survive the massacre.”

    Thanks for the comment!




  2. george wang says:

    If oil and gas industries in the U.S. sink with the heavy industries the U.S. will not recover, and it will go into recession with a worldwide domino effect. Green and high tech are not going to sustain in this economy. The Dow is going to dive. We have already lost many high paying jobs, the government unemployment rate is fake, and most of financial guys know it. But none want to admit it. We have generated a bunch non-productive jobs by government and low paid service industries.


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