The Worrying Skill Gap That Threatens America

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  1. Michael says:

    I’m glad you’ve brought this up. I have known this for years and I’m trying to make my grandson understand this, but he’s intent on going to college to get a Chemical Engineering Degree. A good field to be in with a lot of opportunity, but I believe he should obtain a trade skill set via an Apprenticeship first prior to ending up $100,000+ in debt so that he has marketable skills.


  2. Beatrix Anselm says:

    I feel that the information given about Home Depot is wrong… I have worked for them for 3 years now. With the empty promise of being full time, and learning new departments.

    I have applied at other stores, and my current Store Manager refuses to let me leave, yet I’m still part-time and my hours are dropping every week.

    I would like to stay with the company IF there were some real opportunities. As of now, I am looking for something else. Something that gives me room to grow. It’s not at Home Depot, that ended up being a disappointment.


  3. Bob says:

    quality is not the best anymore. too many corners have been cut to make profit.


  4. John Elliott says:

    On You Tube they have video of manufacturing goods from raw materials to finished products. Most of the good paying jobs are overseas. If you look at one industry in particular, the automotive manufacturers in Flint or Detroit which are now rusting communities of what used to be manufacturing giants. The labor unions had to learn a hard lesson. Japanese and Korean auto manufacturers minus union intervention have turned out to be pretty good full time jobs for Americans. Part time is a big time headache for many Americans who want full time work. A major concern is economics. What happens when the part time worker can no longer afford the wiggett you have made overseas for increased profit and imported back to the U.S. only to find nobody can afford your product because they are having to work two jobs part time just to make ends meet?


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